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Healthy snack options in vending machines near you!

Needmore Vending has an array of machines to stock food and snacks that are healthy alternatives to fat-filled meals. Now grabbing a snack that has less fat* and less sugar* got easier with us around to cater to your customers with their favorite choice of food!


We make sure your vending machines are cleaned, filled and working properly. Get the efficient vending machine services you're looking for in and around Greater Dayton Area and Miami Valley.


(*nuts, seeds and dried fruits excluded)

  • Attract new customers

  • Encourage "better for you snack choices"

  • Comply with nutritional standards

  • Meets new ADA requirements

fit pick for healthy eating

Check out the nutritional facts below

Per Package

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250 or less

100 or less


10g or less

3.5g or less

Saturated Fat

3g or less

1g or less

Trans Fat




20g or less

8g or less


230mg or less

230mg or less

Note: The values listed are the upper limit and as calories decrease, the allowance for fat and sugar decrease accordingly.